"I have been bringing my child to Sonshine since she was 5 months old and have always been very pleased with the care my child receives.  As a working mom, not having to worry about my child during the day is invaluable.  My child has bonded to each of the caregivers and I am thankful for that"             -Jennifer L.

Curriculum Statement

     We believe that children learn through play and exploration in a positive, supportive environment.  This is accomplished through creating goals for each child that are developed through careful observation.  These observations are used to create plans to enrich development.
     We ensure that children are being exposed to all key learning areas which includes all the areas of the developmental domains including personal/social, language/literacy, physical development, mathematical and scientific thinking, social studies and the arts. We use environmental rating scales to create classrooms that promote learning.
     Staff continue professional development through trainings on a regular basis at a minimum of 18 hours per year.  We encourage parents to be active in the child’s development through daily communication boards, communication with caregivers, and participating in conferences and field trips.

Parent Testimonials

Sonshine Child Care Center Inc.

It is the mission of Sonshine Child Care to provide high quality Christian childcare to the community.  We provide this service so that children may have the opportunity to attend a safe, secure facility that teaches Christian values, where they can grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, mentally and physically.  This is done through a combination of child initiated and teacher initiated activities.


"Thank you for the wonderful care you provide each day.  We are so grateful for all you do and appreciate the impact you each have had on our daughter's growth."    -Sara W.